Customer service

Their customer service is TERRIBLE AND VERY RUDE. I bounced a check in January 2019. Which I wasn't aware of. I was NEVER notified that Crystal Moroney office received my information in May of 2019. I found out when I went to write a check that something was wrong. That was on February 4th 2020. The fine is paid and now Crystal Moroney's office says it takes 30 DAYS TO NOTIFY THE ORIGINAL MERCHANT!!!!! TERRIBLE
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This so called law offices have been calling me and leaving me messages. But they don't seem to call me when I'm able to answer my phone.
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Reason of review:
Collection of a debt

Preferred solution: Them not allowed to call me anymore and have to pay me 20,000, dué to

Nicole L Wfw
map-marker Harrison, New Jersey

These collectors are RUDE, CONDESCENDING and outright UNPROFESSIONAL

They called me and asked to make a payment arrangement (which I agreed) they wanted me to pay 3 large payments which I couldn’t afford at the time. I agreed on what was financially fit for me. I paid through zelle and asked the representative to send me a letter or some kind of receipt and they never did! I just called again and the woman on the phone attempted to bully me into paying 3 large payments again! She was rude and hung up. They didn’t even ask me to identify myself or confirm anything she just started to tell me the last payment I made and how the amount was not enough!
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map-marker New City, New York

Accused me of writing a check with fake account # to a bank that doesnt exist.

An extremely rude latina lady claiming to be Beverly James came at my wife aggressively over the phone. She said she wrote a check in August and they want her to pay $190 over the phone. My wife informed her we don't write checks and asked for the account number. After several requests, "Beverly" reluctantly gave her the account number which doesn't match any of our accounts! The check was written to and cashed at a bank that DOES NOT EXIST!! When I called 877-437-****, the law offices number, the receptionist calmly asked for my info and knew exactly what I was referring to. When I told her it was a scam she said to file an affidavit of fraud. I said - shouldn't I just call the police? SHe said no - just file the affidavit. Bottom line - this is a dirty back alley scam!! Don't fall for it. Record any calls from them and take careful notes.
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  • That we ended the conversation
Reason of review:

Preferred solution: Leave people alone and get a real job!

Inaaya Ocm

Scam, rude

I recieved a call from this law office. Apparently it was for a bad check I wrote in Nov. of 2017. The man i talked to was very condescending and refused to send me a bill which debt collectors are required to do. I checked with the bank that i supposedly had the account with and discovered that i had closed the account in August 2017. It was a SCAM.
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Melissa E Eqi

What a joke