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I in fact had a call from the Moroney Law Firm a couple of months ago... I owed 4 books and owed over $400 due to penalties.

I did my research... Contacted my college bookstore and that led me to the collection agency... Everything they said was factual... Of course I wasnt happy with what they were stating but in all actuality it was my fault...

They worked with me to clear this debt out of my name, set me up on a payment plan and I paid it all off... Plus they provided me with a closure letter after.

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Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #1174413

This was written by one of their *** boiler room snake "employees!!!


Scam. They called me and I never went to school.

to Anonymous #1016187

Think what u want but obviously u didnt look into your matter... Janet Cole helped me get my matter situated n im scott free... n I go to Miami Dade...


What school do you go to and what textbooks were they?

to Anonymous #1016189

I go to Miami Dade... I had 4 books i didnt return so if u got a call def look into... they are legit....


Who is "they"? The person you talked to that gave you a fake name?

to Anonymous #1016191

" They" as in the rep from the firm... Her name was Janet...

she was helpful n courteous not like FedChex... i hope ive helped in some way...

to collegeelite #1024539

You still never mentioned what classes you were enrolled in.

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